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For many people, there’s a style from a film they want to recreate. For example, in Mean Girls, Cady had about thirty clothing changes and the rest of the characters had around twenty outfits each.

Most products were bought from shops such as Juicy Couture and 7 Jeans. Many items were also created by the wardrobe department including the Jingle Bell Rock Santa clothes.

During the film the girls wear many slogan t-shirts and tank tops. Products like Regina's "A Little Bit Dramatic" top are ideal for getting their style.

Elle had over thirty hair do’s in the initial film of Legally Blonde but in the second all her styles were the best wigs as Reese Witherspoon grew out the short haircut she had for her previous film Sweet Home Alabama. Reese was pregnant during the filming some of the sequel.

All outfits in Moulin Rouge were designed by Catherine Martin who got an Oscar and other awards and nominations for the very Best Costume design. The wardrobe department made three hundred costumes and, at once, seventy people were put this task.

The 40 can-can dresses had 6 or 7 ruffles measuring over sixty feet each, around 400 feet of ruffle for each dress. It took a person seven days to gather only the ruffles into each can-can skirt.

Satine's "Pink Bird" dress took seven months to make. The feathers were dyed by hand and the crystals all manually applied.

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Many people like to buy fair trade and organic clothing as it is ethically better. 'Fair trade' is about offering a just deal to the people we trade with to get products on the shelves. That means that everyone in the chain of clothing, from the farmers to the pattern makers and everyone in between can rely on the fact that we will help them, that they will be paid fair money, enjoy breaks, proper hygiene and work in decent and clean environments. It means as well that we pay the kind of prices for their clothes that enable them to organise their families and future.

When you decide to buy organic clothing, whether it's a shirt, or a pair of smart trousers, you’re choosing to help improve the environment, the workers and the future health of the earth. Decades of bad agricultural practice; the utilisation of risky pesticides and fertilisers, genetically modified crops and all round soil mismanagement, can be undone but only if we vow to the farmers that we will help them. Your decision is key in helping green clothing companies sustain them as they improve the world. Picking organic cotton is great for farmers, healthy for flora, better for animals and healthy for you! 

If you’re interested in finding more ethically crafted clothing, please search through our website or get in touch. We believe that you can wear good clothes as well as help the world.

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